Our Objectives

  1. Foster, promote, control and watch over the best practice of architecture and of its auxiliary professionals, within what is stated in the code of ethics.
  2. Increase the level of satisfaction in direct correlation between the architects, auxiliary professionals and the services that CPNAA has to offer.
  3. Offer training to CPNAA personnel to improve the level of competency within the entity.


The council has the following functions:

  1. Dictate it´s own regulations as well as the one´s for it´s affiliates.
  2. Approve or deny the professional enrollment and professional registration certificate.
  3. Expedite the professional license and professional registration certificate.
  4. Resolve and regulate conflicts that involve the cancellation or suspension of the professional license and/or the professional enrollment due to failures to adhere to the code of ethics or the correct procedure when executing the profession.
  5. Expedite and/or cancel the temporary special licenses
  6. Foster the profession based on the code of ethics.
  7. Denounce to the authorities any proven violation of the legal dispositions that regulate the profession.
  8. Find resolution to resources provided by the decisions made by Sectional Councils.
  9. Elaborate and maintain an up to date database or registered architects and auxiliary professionals.
  10. Issue documents and publications, when needed, for any purpose, within the entity knowledgebase.
  11. Define the requisites that architects and auxiliary professionals are due to follow and produce to obtain the professional license and the professional registration certificate.
  12. Set the rights to obtain the license and professional registration certificate, in a fair and reasonable way, to cover occasional expenses that CPNAA may incur. These expenses may not exceed the equivalent of 1 legal minimum monthly salary, valid for the running year. The ¨Contraloría General de La República¨ regulates this aspect.
  13. Approve it´s own budget and of it´s affiliates.
  14. Promote the capitalization, investigation and academic quality of architects and auxiliary professionals.
  15. Control and watch over the execution of the architects and auxiliary professionals functions.
  16. Create the Sectional Councils. 

Contactar al CPNAA

Carrera 6 No 26 B - 85 Oficina 201 

Bogotá D.C. - Colombia.

Líneas de atención PBX (57 -1)  3502700 / 3502706 Ext. 1101 y 1106

Correo electrónico:  info@cpnaa.gov.co

Horario de atención:
Lunes a Jueves de 7:00 am a 1:00 pm y 2:00 pm a 5:00 pm
Viernes de 7:00 am a 1:00 pm y 2:00 pm a 4:00 pm