What is illegal exercise?

What is illegal exercise?

Based on article 12 of Law 435 of 1998, illegal exercise in the architecture profession are all actions outlined in article 3 of the Law mentioned above, as well as and, the professionals that do not meet the quality expectation nor the proper authorization to duly perform their profession.   

At the same time an illegal practice may also be in the form of announcements, advertising, wall plates and/or other channels that do not meet the requirements stated by Law 435 of 1998.

Whoever exercises this profession illegally, by violating any of the stipulations of Law 435 of 1998 and/or authorizes, facilitates, promotes or conceals the means to practice the legal practice, will incur in sanctions, fines and any other enforcement permitted by law.

The CPNAA does not intervene in this subject, as it falls out of it´s jurisdiction. This is handled by ¨Contravención Especial¨ based on decree 522 of 1977, and handled directly by the Local Mayoralty where the wrongdoings originated.

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