Professional Enrollment Card

Professional Enrollment Card

Based on Resolution No. 01 of 2013 dispositions, in order to obtain the Professional Enrollment Card, you must comply with the following:


The applications submitted via any of the two methods described above will be processed based on the pre-established CPNAA schedule.

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Every authorization for releasing documents to third parties other than the person who submits the request must be submitted in writing as well as authorized by the submitter and must include:

  • Signature of the Professional Architect or Auxiliary who enables the previously identified third party to pick up the duplicate.
  • Name and ID of the authorized third party person. 
  • ID Photocopy of the Professional Architect or Auxiliary that authorizes the pick-up. 
  • ID Photocopy of the authorized third party.

Note: The authorization for releasing of the documents, alongside the previous documents may be submitted in person at the CPNAA desginated offices or via email at

The documents that authorized third parties are able to pick-up are:

  • Professional Enrollment
  • Temporary Special License
  • Professional Registration Certificate
  • Duplicates (professional enrollment card, professional registration certificate and temporary special license)
  • International Validity Certificate

Note: Please remember that if you request the documents to be sent outside of Bogota DC, this must be dully notified to the Council to enable proper guidance to the submitter or authorizer in accordance with the designated dates specified in the calendar. 

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