Professional Enrollment Card Payment via deposit

Professional Enrollment Card Payment via deposit

28 noviembre, 2013 0 Por admin


The Professional Architects that are in need to place a request for this duplicate, must submit the following documents to CPNAA via mail courier: Please remember, you can only make use of this only if the university has awarded the architect diploma, otherwise, please refrain from submitting this request.    

The professional architects that studied and obtained the degree and diploma abroad and wish to apply for the Professional Enrollment Card, must validate and obtain an acceptance document from the Education Ministry of Colombia.

The price that should be deposited is $616.000 COP, which is the minimum legal salary of 2014 for Colombia. 

The payment must be done in BANCOLOMBIA, with the following instructions:

Deposit the price in favor of CPNAA in the formato de recaudo empresarial /convenio No. 21022 form; In the "Referencia" field, please write in the ID number and name.

If you wish to do the payment via wire transfer because you have a valid account with Bancolombia, you could do so with the following information: Navigate to "Sucursal Virtual", pagos a terceros, chose the option Categoría: Gremios, Fundaciones y Cooperativas and locate the name CONSEJO PROFESIONAL NACIONAL DE ARQUITECTURA Y SUS PROFESIONES AUXILIARES, agreement 21022.  

If you wish to do the payment via telephone, please call Bancolombia at 3430000 and follow the prompts to speak to a representative. Please supply the bank representative with the above name and agreement information. 

Note: Please remember if the documents need to be sent outside Bogota DC, this document wont be released to any third party other than the requester, thus the delivery is personalized. If the document should be released to a third party, this needs to be notified in writing to the CPNAA. Said document should be attached to the on-line request process