Professional Registration Certificate Duplicate PSE Payment

27 noviembre, 2013 0 Por admin

This step requires you to perform the payment directly on our website via the PSE service. The benefit of this procedure is that you won´t have to send physical documents to the CPNAA and your request will be registered immediately, saving you time and it can be done from your home or office 24/7.

With this service you can pay online using your Colombian bank information. Remember you must be enrolled to your bank's on-line banking service, and have the current valid password and log in information to be able to go through with the transaction.

According to Agreement No. 01 of 2013 dispositions, in order to obtain your Professional Registration Certificate copy, you must perform the following steps:

  • Fill out the form with the information of the professional auxiliary. 
  • Upload ID scan in JPG format, from both sides. 
  • Upload document scan in JPG format, where the main holder of the Professional Registration Certificate requests said document, due to loss or replacement (damaged), depending on the particular case. 
  • Perform the on-line payment via PSE service. Please be sure to save/print the payment confirmation page. 

Professional Registration Certificate Duplicate pricing: $58.950 COP. 

The Professional Registration Certificate duplicate requested during business days will be delivered the following Tuesday from 10 am on. 

Note: Please remember if the documents need to be sent outside Bogota DC, this document wont be released to any third party other than the requester, thus the delivery is personalized. If the document should be released to a third party, this needs to be notified in writing to the CPNAA. Said document should be attached to the on-line request process.